Fugly available via drupal.org

Fugly can now be downloaded via drupal.org: Fugly.

Sidebar text

Paragraph text on the left sidebar is now shown in the correct colour.

Some aesthetics

Added some padding to the content titles, and the bottom of the content area (allows you to clearly see the curve even when content would normally fill bottom-left corner.

Update 4

Some general tidying:

  • Correct colour for various headings
  • Correct alignment of headings
  • Curved bottoms to tags
  • Tags shifted right to clear curve if title area

Third update

Over the last couple of days a few major changes have taken place. The colour scheme has been toned down (thanks to Melissa Schiele), I've made the tables legible (e.g. when administering modules) and there have been a couple of usability improvements.

There are still a couple more things to do before release - but it won't be long now.

Second update

For non-IE users Fugly now has rounded corners in the top right and bottom left corners as originally intended. IE users don't get anything so pretty.

Breadcrumb trail now occupies position of Mission Statement on non-front pages.

First incarnation of Fugly

First incarnation developed today, interrupted by going to see a Nature Live by Andy.

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